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We know you know your business. We also know the challenges of tapping its fullest potential. Backed by more than 50 years of the applied behavioral sciences in organizations and teams, our Knowledge Integrator™ platform aligns your professional expertise with a customized approach to organizational improvement. The results have shown more rapid adoption of more useful and productive behaviors — aligned with where you need to go.

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Beyond Belief: Awaken Potential, Focus Leadership

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Dr. John Grinnell's first book, Beyond Belief: Awaken Potential, Focus Leadership is now available on

Beyond Belief is based on practical experience in the business world and insight from research in the social sciences, which John Grinnell and his company apply within large and small businesses, agencies, and other organizations to help develop real leaders — capable of truly transforming their organizations. Learn more.

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The time-tested wisdom of leadership and the best of the behavioral sciences come together in this intensive experience. What does this mean for you? A highly effective 6 months of coaching packed into 4 days. 99% of our 1500+ attendees rate JumpStart as the most effective leadership course they've ever taken.

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