Assessment Center

Our confidential use of assessments gives our clients both insight into their own personality and leadership as well as a powerful lens for understanding the motivations and intentions of others.

Listed below are some of the highly regarded instruments we use in our work.  If you are already a client, you may begin taking these tests by clicking on the links provided.

Please answer all questions the way you truly see yourself, not the way you wish to be seen. We have found over the years that it is critically important to base leadership development on the foundation of self-truthfulness. The information you provide is held with the utmost confidentiality.

If you have any questions about the assessment process or the instruments we use, please call our office at 919-929-2500 or email Kim Davis at

Leadership JumpStart® Assessments

  • Personality Research Form (PRF)

    The PRF is designed to yield scores for personality traits relevant to the functioning of individuals in a wide variety of situations.

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

    The MBTI is one of the most trusted and widely used instruments in the world for understanding individual differences and uncovering new ways to work and interact with others.

  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior (FIRO-B)

    The FIRO-B gathers critical insights into how an individual’s needs can shape his or her interactions with others.

Additional Assessment Tools

  • Belbin Assessment

    Belbin assessment helps you identify your natural workplace behavioral tendencies and how you interrelate with other people or contribute to a team. Grinnell Leadership is Belbin Team-Role Accredited, and indication of expertise in Implementating Team-Role theory in the workplace.

    Take the Belbin assessment now

  • Personal Motivation & Engagement Assessment™ (PME)

    Gain deep insight into motivators and drivers. Understanding why a person behaves the way they do will help you align motivations with goals for enhanced performance of both yourself and others.

    Take the PME assessment now