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For our clients who have completed a Leadership JumpStart® or Leadership Decathlon® program, we offer continuing Leadership Development in the following services –  Career Acceleration Resources (CARES®) whereby the wisdom of C-level executives assists our clients in forging a path for faster ascension into broader scopes of responsibility.  A series of confidential one-on-one sessions are established between you and your C-Coach.  Advanced Group Coaching (AGC) is an individually tailored executive development process in a small group setting and is composed of 12 sessions consisting of 15 days over a period of twelve months (this includes ten 1-day sessions, one 2-day session, and one 3-day session), held at either Wrightsville Beach or Chapel Hill, NC.  Through the benefit of a yearlong advanced focus on personalized leadership development with regular feedback, group input, coaching, and reinforcement, participants will be able to significantly advance themselves personally and professionally, increasing their capacity for Real Leadership to benefit the organizations they serve.

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