Custom Workshops

These workshops are best in a group setting (approximately 10-15) and focus on appropriate areas of development which build confidence, communication and trusting relationships. Leaders will learn how to maintain or create a positive professional image, create an environment that will inspire others to achieve company goals and learn the how to focus on company objectives to get results. Leaders will have a better understanding of their employee’s attitudes and abilities, how to effectively communicate, provide feedback to build and maintain a strong team. Each session will be dedicate to practicing and applying the skills learned in your organization while enhancing a positive leadership presence.

Workshop Examples

A few examples below but is not a full list:

  • Myers Briggs – Understanding your Communication and its Impact for Results
  • DiSC Workplace Behaviors – How to Effectively Communicate/Approach Others, Make your Workplace more Effective
  • Deep Listening Exercise: “Grow Your Bowl” - a fun but effective session
  • In Service to Each Other (Helps & Hurts) How I Help & Hurt my Organization
  • Difficult/Crucial Conversations and Strong Communications in the Workplace
  • Effective Meetings are Results of Deliberate Planning and Communication
  • Belbin (Team Building)
  • Various Manager Job Clinics
  • Retreat Facilitations
  • Keynote Speaking